Pecos Bill cartoon from Disney

Westerns from all over the web for you to watch here for FREE . Here is Disneys Pecos Bill . Wonderful ! With Roy Rogers and The Sons of the Pioneers .

Pecos Bill is an American cowboy immortalized in numerous tall tales of the Old West during American westward expansion into the Southwest of Texas, New Mexico, Southern California, and Arizona. Pecos Bill is a handsome, tough, rough, funny, and heroic American cowboy of all the Old West in Texas. He is slender. He has blonde hair, blue eyes, black cowboy hat, pink long sleeved shirt, gray vest, light green bandanna, blue jeans, gray chaps, black boots, and a pair of brown pistol hostlers. He likes to catch evil rustlers, yodel, and do some heroic deeds, but most likely of all, Slue-Foot Sue, a strange, yet beautiful cowgirl from in the middle of nowhere. He dislikes her leave straight up to the moon due to his horse and trusty sidekick Widowmaker and dying of thirst. He was lost out of a wagon traveling west and raised by Wolves!

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