Sundown Western TV show episode six LARAMIE part one

Sundown Western TV show episode six LARAMIE part one


Bob Terry

Don Kay ( Little Brown Jug ) Reynolds as DOC BROWN

Moe Headrick as FRANK

Bobby Miles as Adam Reese

Sam Yoder as THE KID

Tony Gill as Laramie

Dennis Kirby as Uncle Malachi

Johnie Terry as J.T. O’MARA

Bob Terry as BOB McLYNTECK

Jessie Robertson as Jessie Banks

Kristyn Harris as Rose Waggoner

Caz Wright as Shorty

Chuck Dawson as Grant Hardy

Devon Dawson as Becky

Deborah Miles as Vee

Clay Pitts as Vengeful Brother

Benny Wilmeth as Mort Anderson

James Hoffpauir as Harry Gibbons

Wayne Lee as Walt Tanner

Zach Weber as Burt

Johnny Davis as Jail Wagon Driver

Jacob Deweese as Stagecoach Driver

Buddy Draper as Buddy

Fancy Dancy Dun as herself

Jon Baker
Scott Weber
Stuart Randall
Bill Clark
Ken Drake
Bob Miles

Bob Terry
Johnie Terry
Melody Ranch – Gene Autry was on this page so some posts may be about that interview!
His Arizona hometown of Torpedo invites Gene back to be the honorary sheriff of the Frontier Days Celebration. (1940) With Gene Autry, Jimmy Durante, George ‘Gabby’ Hayes, Mary Lee and Ann Miller.
The following wrap-around segments are from the Melody Ranch Theater, which originally aired on the Nashville Network in 1987. Hosted by Gene Autry and longtime sidekick Pat Buttram, the program showcased many of Gene’s classic motion pictures and featured personal anecdotes about how the films were made, information on co-stars and significant happenings in Autry’s personal life and career. Here they discuss the Stars of the movie, Jimmy Durante stories, Gabby Hayes, the story behind Champ becoming the first horse to fly coast-to-coast, kissing Ann Miller and the publicity concerns surrounding it.

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