Sundown Western TV show episode one LAWMEN, OUTLAWS and GUNSMOKE

Sundown Western TV show episode one LAWMEN, OUTLAWS and GUNSMOKE

Sundown The western series show also has its own web site

This is a pilot for a classic style western TV series show, Westerns On The Web produces the Sundown web series and this is the first five web episodes put together for a half hour show. Sundown is created in the style of The Rifleman, Have Gun Will Travel, Laramie,Bonanza, The Virginian, Maverick, Tales of Wells Fargo and so many more of those wonderful classic Television westerns that are so timeless that they still air on TV today and are still very popular 50 and 60 years later. WRITTEN & DIRECTED BY
Bob Terry. The first season Starring – Don Kay ( Little Brown Jug ) Reynolds as DOC BROWN, Moe Headrick as FRANK, Scott Mendes as JEB, Bobby Miles as BEN, R.W. Hampton as MARSHAL JIM LANE, Sam Yoder as THE KID, Kirby Jonas as GRAY, Faye Taylor as MRS. WALLACE, Johnie Terry as J.T. O’MARA, Bob Terry as BOB McLYNTECK, Jessie Robertson as Jessie Banks, Jimmy McCarley as Sheriff Buck Merritt, Kristyn Harris as Rose Waggoner, Chance Terry and Caz Wright as Cowhands. This is a complete full length western movie or series episode. Original theme song written by Chance Terry SUNDOWN available on I Tunes. Some background music, sounds and footage taken from public domain footage.

This page at one time hadGene Autry Show Hot Leadso some of the comments may be about that western.
Gene buys a horse which is then used by a gang of bank outlaws to make a getaway. Gene sets out to retrieve his horse and capture the bank robbers. Directed by George Archainbaud. With Gene Autry, Champion, Alan Hale Jr., Harry Cheshire.

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