Sundown Western TV show episode four HAVE GUNS WILL TRAVEL

Sundown Western TV show episode four HAVE GUNS WILL TRAVEL

This is episode four for a classic TV style western series show, Westerns On The Web produces the Sundown web series and this is web episodes 14 through 17 put together to create a half hour show. Sundown is created in the style of Gunsmoke, The Rifleman, Have Gun Will Travel, Laramie, Bonanza, The Virginian, Maverick, Tales of Wells Fargo, The Guns of Will Sonnett, The Big Valley, The High Chaparral and so many more of those wonderful classic Television westerns that are so timeless that they still air on TV today and are still very popular 50 and 60 years later. WRITTEN & DIRECTED BY
Bob Terry. The first season Starring – Don Kay ( Little Brown Jug ) Reynolds as DOC BROWN, Moe Headrick as FRANK, Scott Mendes as JEB, Bobby Miles as BEN, R.W. Hampton as MARSHAL JIM LANE, Sam Yoder as THE KID, Kirby Jonas as GRAY, Faye Taylor as MRS. WALLACE, Johnie Terry as J.T. O’MARA, Bob Terry as BOB McLYNTECK, Jessie Robertson as Jessie Banks, Jimmy McCarley as Sheriff Buck Merritt, Kristyn Harris as Rose Waggoner, Chance Terry and Caz Wright as Cowhands. This is a complete full length western movie or series episode. Original theme song written by Chance Terry SUNDOWN available on I Tunes. Some background music, sounds and footage taken from public domain footage.

Gene Autry Show The Lost Chance was on this page at one time so some comments may be about that western.
Gene and Pat rescue a young Mexican boy who is forced to locate an old mine by outlaws who threaten to kill the child’s donkey. Directed by Frank McDonald. With Gene Autry, Champion, Pat Buttram, Don Pietro.


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  1. George

    what happened to the fighting kentuckian and the spoilers with john wayne, they did not come up, it was substituted with gene autry?

  2. Roy

    Again, a Randolph Scott movie linkage…brought me here… I am having problems using links to a couple of Audie Murphy and Randolph Scott movies… Please help… Thanks. …R.o.y…

  3. Lildoggie

    A “later” Wayne effort, and quite well done. By later, I mean after the “Blue Steel”, “Randy Rides Alone” etc. I tend to like the old Wayne westerns and view his early to mid-forties western stuff as sub-par. This’un has great production values, a competent cast and a pretty good story. Margaret Lindsay is beautiful as ever. Shame she didn’t get to the top tier where she belonged. Thanks Westerns of the Web for making me aware of this movie. I was hoping to see The Cap-gun Kid, but, alas, disappointment.

    1. Western Movies Online

      Howdy back thanks for the post . by the way what did you mean by The Cap-gun Kid, but, alas, disappointment? could you not watch the Cap Gun Kid?

  4. Larry A. Singleton

    Randolph Scott the bad guy? Oh the humanities.

  5. supwera2000

    Marlene Dietrich’s so good in her role of Westerns, another of her- Rancho Notorious, much appreciate if you could post. Thanks a lot.

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