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  1. apilon2006
    January 1, 2013

    Cherokee Bill, a great western,i enjoyed it,thanks.


  2. EVprofessor
    September 25, 2012

    This is especially to Bob Terry, I enjoy your comments before and after some of the videos. I watch “Westerns on the Web” about three hours after midnight each evening . however your audio irritates me, Because I used to be a TV Studio Engineer in the late 1970’s and I fixed every piece of electronic or electrical gear in and around the studio. I also drove the motor home we used for remote productions like used car commercials. During the productions I worked the audio board and also covered for several other tasks in the production control room and my boss was producer/director/editor/and ran the video switcher as we used a three camera and five microphone set-up.
    Your audio sounds echoey because the microphone is too far away. get a “Peanut” mike and clip id right under your chin like you see the newscasters do on the local TV news program. a length of cable back to your video camera and plug it into the Mike input jack and your voice will be clear and sharp and it will sound like you are talking to us directly and not from down a long hallway. I think you will hear the sound quality improvement.
    I am now teaching mechanics to work on electric cars,
    but I also raise adopted wild Donkeys from the BLM Mustang and Burro Program. So we have a dozen Equines with big noses, long ears, and a very friendly disposition.


  3. clark broden
    December 29, 2011

    Love this website and the westerns! Clark Broden


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